Wild Scottish Adventures

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I have always enjoyed exploring mountains. This led me to becoming a very dedicated member of my university hiking club. The nature of walking as a group is very relaxed and friendly, and I made lasting friendships, most notably with my husband!

The hiking club introduced me to the concept of ‘bagging’, and I am now an avid Munro Bagger. Munros are mountains in Scotland that are over 3000 feet high, and there are 282 peaks in total. So far I have 97 boggy summits to my name.

Cairngorm National Park

Just after I got the news that I was successful in my application to become a Happiness Engineer at Flywheel, we went on holiday for two weeks in Scotland. Camping meant that it was necessary to conserve the battery life on our phones carefully in case of emergency, so it was quite strange to be so completely cut off. After being in the midst of crazy Brexit updates, it was certainly refreshing, if a bit unnerving, to know absolutely nothing about what was going on.

Staying cosy in the tent

We miss the hills intently when we are in the south. Wild rugged landscapes evoke feelings of being a small speck among giants, humbled and thrown back to the simplicity of survival outdoors; sleeping, eating, and walking.